A well-balanced, dry gin made from a base of sweet potato shochu resulting in extra body and a touch of sweetness that is balanced by the bright, tart notes from the yuzu, exotic citrus, and sansho pepper from the locally sourced botanicals. The locally sourced and very rare citrus fruit, hyuganatsu and hebess, give YUZUGIN a remarkably unique flavor profile.

Tasting Notes

Bursting with notes of juicy, sweet citrus, playful spice, and earthy complexity.

Cocktail Suggestions

This artisanal gin is perfect served straight up with tonic water or mixed in cocktails, such as a gin & tonic or gimlet, and is a refreshing alternative to dry gin.

Tech Details

Made from a sweet potato shochu base using the traditional brewing technology of parallel double fermentation in 800L terracotta pots. Yuzu Gin is vacuum distilled to allow for maximum expression of the botanicals used. The botanicals of YUZUGIN are sourced from the local region and include using the exotic citrus fruits hyuganatsu and hebess, both extremely rare and only cultivated in the Miyazaki summertime.
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Juniper berries, Yuzu, Sansho Peppers, local Hebesu, local Hyuganatsu, Cucumber, Ginger, Coriander, Cloves
Sweet Potato Shochu