Origin of Purity Namazake

Origin of Purity is available seasonally as a namazake offering and is a unique addition to the VC ginjo line-up as it is our first sake made with Omachi rice. Discovered in 1859, Omachi is the only pure rice strain that has been grown consistently in Japan. This is quite an impressive feat as Omachi is one of the tallest sake rices which makes it incredibly difficult to harvest and susceptible to damage by typhoons and strong storms. We're lucky that Rihaku has found one of the best Omachi growers in Japan. This genshu (undiluted sake) is produced using rose vine yeast and is incredibly pure and balanced.

Tasting Notes

A robust, powerful expression of namazake. The complexity of flower yeast, omachi rice, and genshu result in layers of smoke, molasses, toast cereal, and candied nuts.

Food Pairing

Try paired with steak, cured meats or dishes with charred onions.

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The Brewery

Rihaku Brewery

Rihaku marked on a map of Japan

Rihaku is named after the famous Chinese poet from the 8th century, Li Po, who was known to drink a big bottle of sake and write a hundred poems.

  • Rihaku boasts one of the highest average milling rates of all Japanese sake breweries—a testament to its dedication to high quality.
  • Each Rihaku sake in the portfolio is made with a different type of sake rice, demonstrating how the deliberate style of a producer can be expressed by four rice types.
Brewery Name:
Rihaku Brewery
Brewery Founded:
Toji (master brewer):
Yuichiro Tanaka
Brewery Location:
Brewery President:
Yuichiro Tanaka
Rihaku marked on a map of Japan