Blue Door

All the rice is grown in the USA and milled in the USA. Koji rice is Yamada Nishiki (60% seimaibuai), Kakemai is Calrose (50-70%), and Mizu is Brooklyn's finest.

Tasting Notes

Full bodied, earthy, and dry with umami and subtle notes of banana and ripe melon.

Food Pairing

Try with grilled cheese, cured meats, or smoky cheeses.

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The Brewery

Brooklyn Kura Brewery

Brooklyn Kura is committed to a new tradition of American Craft Sake and is handcrafted with the highest quality ingredients.

  • Handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York and uses all products from the US - rice grown & polished in California and Arkansas and the finest water from NY.
  • Brooklyn Kura focuses on producing limited production Namazake (unpasteurized) sake.
Brewery Name:
Brooklyn Kura Brewery
Brewery Founded:
Toji (master brewer):
Brandon Doughan
Brewery Location:
Brooklyn, New York
Brewery President:
Brian Polen